7 Tips to get the most enjoyment from your Softub

Tips To Get The Most Enjoyment From Your Softub

Here are 7 tips to make sure you get maximum enjoyment from your Softub while spending minimum time maintaining it.

1. To keep the outside clean and the outer material from fading, Use a Protective Cover. We also recommend using 303 to keep the outer vinyl looking like new.

2. Add Softcare Chlor to sanitize the water. It is the only sanitizer with the Softub name on the bottle. Using this product weekly or as needed will help keep the tub safe to use and the water looking good. Make sure to always leave the lid open for 15 minutes after adding this product to allow for the product to gas off.

3. Test the water at least once per week. It is very important to make sure that the water PH is in an acceptable range. Test strips usually only last for about one year so if the date is bad toss them and get some new ones.

4. If you have trouble keeping the PH in line. Try a Spa Frog, these little cartridges are amazing to help balance the PH and to cut down overall Chlor usage. Replace when you change the water.

5. Drain your tub every 3-6 months. This will help you use less product and keep the water fresher. We recommend using swirl away when draining the tub to clean the things you cannot see inside the tub.

6. Wash out your filter every month or as needed. Filter Renu makes the job much easier than just using a hose. This will also make sure you get a year of life out of your filter. Change your filter at least annually. Reference our filter guide when ordering to make sure you order the correct filter.

7. Spa Perfect is an enzyme that you add to your spa weekly that helps clean the filter and keep the water fresh. This is an excellent product to keep the water clean and the filter fresh. Also don’t forget to add Gon weekly to keep stains from forming on your tub. If you ever are confused or have a question please do not hesitate to call us.


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